Movies A to Z

A list of the movies I watched in 2017 with their date watched

Title Date
The Adjustment Bureau Jan 20
Aladdin (Animation) Jan 20
Alice in Wonderland  2010  Jan 21
Alice in Wonderland(Animation) 1951 Jan 21
Anastasia (Animation) Jan 24
Angels and Demons (unable to watch all) Jan 24
*W Wait Until Dark (classic) Jan 25
D Dr Horrible Sing Along Blog Jan 26
*T To Kill A Mockingbird (classic) Jan 29
Thelma and Louise Jan 29
A Alice ThroughThe Looking Glass Feb 1
Annie (1982) Feb 4
Ant-Man Feb 9
A-Team Feb13
Atlantis: The Lost Empire (Animation) Feb13
Atlantis: Milo Returns (Animation) Feb13
Avengers Feb 13
Babylon A. D. Feb 15
Batman Feb 16
Beauty & the Beast (Animation) Feb 16
*B The Big Sleep Feb 16
Brave (Animation) Feb 22
C Casino Royale Feb 22
Boo! Madea's HalloweenFeb 23
* Some Like it Hot Mar 13
* The Sound of Music Mar 13
*Singing in The Rain  April 6
Alladin (Animatio) Jan 20
Alladin (Animatio) Jan 20
Alladin (Animatio) Jan 20

A - Z 1 Movie per letter, Never watched before. - W, D , T, A, B, C
* Classic Movie

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